Moments like these are


Joseph Kafka,


Little Bird Media is a video marketing company in British Columbia. We want to help businesses share their stories, and help their customers connect with those stories.


We are passionate about video content and storytelling because our foundational belief is that "the shortest distance between two people is a story" (Muse Storytelling). And well, helping businesses reach customers is all about bridging the distance between people.


There are many reasons for this that science is still uncovering, but the "best among them is that stories clothe truths by not getting in the way of truth. They get around our natural resistance to being sold by not pushing beliefs. Rather, they stimulate and resonate by inviting" (Jim Signorelli).


This is why good content and brand storytelling work so well. In much the same way as we form an emotional connection with story characters, or our friends and family, we connect with a brand in a way that is more appealing than the facts or opinions as to why it's the best or cheapest.  


As a result, people will want to spend time with you and share with you as well. And, what happens when people spend more time with each other, especially if they want to? They build trust and loyalty. They are more likely to buy from you or choose your services.


This is our biggest desire!


We want to help people discover, craft, and share their stories.

We want to help people connect with brands in a more human way.

We want to create content that inspires and educates.  


This is what video marketing is about for us. This is what storytelling means for us. This is our purpose and our why? 


What's your purpose? Why does your brand, organization, or business exist? 


Would you be willing to share it with us? Would you be willing to let us help you share it with others?