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Do you want your event to be safe and still reach your marketing, charitable, or educational goals?
Level-Up Your Event With
Our Live Streaming Services!


In 2019, internet users watch 1.1 billion hours of live video.

At the end of 2020, live streaming will account for 82% of all internet traffic.

82% of people prefer live video from a brand over standard social media posts.

67% of audiences who watch a live stream event will purchase a ticket to a similar event.

67% of audiences who watch a live stream event will purchase a ticket to a similar event.

45% of live video audiences would pay for live video from a favorite sports team, speaker, or performer.


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Don’t let concerns around shutdowns or travel and health restrictions slow you down!


Take your event online and craft an

engaging broadcast.

The Sources Foundation did just that in 2020. Typically, they host a large gala to raise much-needed money for various community initiatives and programs

every year. 

COVID-19 health concerns threatened their fundraising efforts. They took their event online, and we stepped in to help them connect with their sponsors by developing a broadcast program for a live-stream event. 

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Scaleable & Cost-Effective

With more people and larger venues comes more significant expenses such as food and beverage, parking, insurance, event apps, staff, rentals, accommodations, and printed items. These are not only costs for you but your attendees as well, especially travel and accommodations.

Live-video brings these two seemingly opposite worlds together into harmony. The additional cost of larger venues is not only offset by broadcasting to those who can’t come, but you’re also increasing your revenue possibilities as you extend the number of tickets you can sell.

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Increase Online Purchases

Suppose your event has auction items or products for sale. In that case, a solid broadcast will not only generate hype and feelings of immediacy, but it will allow your viewers to bid or purchase items alongside your broadcast, thanks to shoppable solutions.


You can now embed product offers, carousels, and purchase options in your videos.

Increase Participation

Live-streaming your event gives your visitors access to more of the things they want. They don’t have to choose between speakers or struggle to get from one room and speaker to another.

Most live-streaming applications allow viewers to comment and chat with others, but applications like Pigeonhole Live take your broadcast to the next level with Q&As, polls, and quizzes.

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Increase The Value
of Your Event

If the data on live streaming is any indication, it’s that people value live content. Broadcasting your event presents a huge opportunity to not only overcome today’s challenges but add tremendous value to your brand and reach your goals.

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Improve Accessibility

For whatever reason, not everyone can attend an event. There may be travel restrictions in their area. They may have anxiety, disability, or other health concerns that make travel challenging and costly.


Even live-streaming services will help to make your event accessible from anywhere by live streaming, and with live closed captioning services or ASL, everybody

can enjoy your event.

How Does It Work?

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Why Little Bird Media?

Our focus is delivering event live streaming services and video marketing solutions that exceed your marketing, charitable, or educational goals?

This is what differentiates us from other event production companies or videographers.

Technology is just a tool. We care about helping you plan for the best live stream experience for your audience.

So we're with you, through the journey so that we're using the right technology to craft the best streaming experience.




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