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Why Does Video Matter to Your Business?

September 17, 2018

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With a quick Google search, you can find no shortage of data, articles, or videos telling you that video is awesome. From the latest statistics in video consumption and use in marketing, to the science of our hard-wired human response to other faces and voices.

But I wa...

Video Marketing Weekly is curated playlist of video production and marketing content to help you discover new possibilities, hone your craft, and share your story.

How to Create the Perfect Facebook Ad in Minutes

"Every campaign or ad format...

In this issue, we feature articles on effective player colors, video marketing strategies to help double your campaigns success, as well as effective sales and B2B marketing tips.

Video Marketing Weekly is a curated playlist of video production and marketing content to help you discover new possibilities, hone your craft, and share your story. 

If you are living in the Vancouver area, I really recommend checking out the The Inspiration Lab at the...

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