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Why Does Video Matter to Your Business?

September 17, 2018

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The best marketing you can do is to tell a coherent story. A brand's story is built on five blocks: (1) your mission, (2) your voice, (3) your action, (4) customer experience, (5) and your look.

Authenticity and trust is founded on the coherence of these blocks. S...

These kids are relentlessly passionate about having fun and helping communities. Filming there work feels like getting hit by a tornado. It is all chaos, intense hours and energy, but at the end though, I am left changed and impacted for the better.

Filming these kids e...

John's story is a story of hope and redemption. John not only celebrates his wedding anniversary, but also freedom from an addiction. Most important, it is a celebration of his wife, who stuck by him through it all.

I think that every artist is their own worst critic. If that's not true, it's at least true for me, and it is true for my brother Josh (Jean) here. He is a gifted musician. And like everyone with a dream, there will be an incredible journey to realizing that dream. The...

PICS ( Progressive Intercultural Community Services) is a non-profit society that provides services and programs in the city of Surrey. And, The Concosts Group is one of the oldest construction management and consulting companies in North America.

These two formed...

Great food, great drinks, great location, and a great cause. Who could ask for anything more! Seriously, we should see you next year. 

What is at the heart of your business? What is at the heart of every business, organization, and community for that matter? People! People shape the heart of our communities.


People are the creators and the artists. They are the dreamers and the sight-seers, the friend...

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