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My goal is to help organizations share their stories and communicate through video.


With that in mind, I have provided resources, organized by topics, to help you decide if a personally crafted video is best for you. Follow on Twitter for regular resources on video marketing!

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Video

Mark Wonderlin, from Mosaic Media Films, gives us some pretty compelling reasons here:


For me, the two most powerful reasons for business videos are:


  1. It humanizes your business, helping clients build trust.

  2. It consolidates information in an accessible way.

As much as I like to make videos, I advise my clients to think about how to best utilize the power of video to engage their own clients. Here are two really helpful resources on that topic. 

How Can I use Video for My Business?

Here are some helpful articles that talk about the potential costs involved in video production:

The Costs of Video Production