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10 Video Marketing Ideas for 2020

Things have changed drastically for many businesses. This pandemic is affecting the health of our friends, our community, and our customers. The effects will be felt for some time.

More than ever people are staying home and coming together online. For businesses, this has meant an “unprecedented, almost-total disappearance of all channels” of face-to-face, and in person, communication and sales.

The key factor in helping your business survive during this time, however long it may be, will be to strengthen your digital marketing and communication channels.

So I put together a list of 10 content ideas that will help your business turn to digital and thrive in a COVID-19 world.

Keep your staff and customers informed about

your company's response to COVID-19.

Galen Weston, the executive chairman of Superstore, is using video to comfort and inform their customers. These kinds of messages will not only help to humanize your staff and company but build brand affinity during these uncertain times.

Create an ad that updates your customers about what

you're doing to serve them during this time.

With a short ad, reach out to people and reassure your customers of the health precautions your team is taking, and inform them of the changes you’ve made to your services.

Provide educational content or an online course.

Now’s a great time to help your own customers learn and grow.

Before COVID-19 96% of people watched videos to learn about a product or service, and 86% of viewers used Youtube to learn new things, it’s no wonder companies like Hubspot and Sophora have been growing their businesses for more than a decade through educational video courses and content.

Entertain your customers and your audience.

A lot of people right now are feeling anxiety, stress, boredom, and loneliness. There’s a real opportunity to help alleviate those feelings through fun and entertaining content.

Companies like Eagle Vision Video Production are doing just that. They’ve created a web series called “QuaranTime” to help fill your day with all kinds of content featuring local businesses. My personal favorite is Episode 2 - how to cook eggs, sausage, avocado, and toast!

Make sure you capture your frontline stories.

During this time companies like Bauer are doing their part to pitch in and help. If your company is doing something too, share it and spread the hope.

Now might be a great time to turn to sales and product videos.

Nothing beats talking to your customers in person about your products or services and helping them to make a decision, but with current health precautions, this might be your time to shine and still communicate in a personal and helpful way. It helps to know that 66% of people already prefer video.

Hubspot created a great guide to using video in sales that is worth checking out -

Help your services and products stand out with fresh visuals.

More than ever people are shopping online, so whether you’re building an eCommerce site or you’ve had one for years, now may be a good time to develop or update your library of photos and videos to help your products and services stand out. This library will also give you great content for social media.

Help your customers live and cope with the new.

Amanda at tested several keywords using Ubersuggest. She came away with a helpful list of ideas that might spark some inspiration for you.

The big idea is to find some way within your industry to be there for your customers during this time. Gary V is hosting Tea with Gary V. Kerry Twigg is hosting The Career Stories Hour. And most fitness companies are sharing home workouts. I think there’s an opportunity for each industry.

Embrace motion graphics and animation.

While you still might want to tell your story, create a commercial or media campaign, social distancing might limit some productions. This means getting creative with stock footage, 3D, text, and animations to help tell your story.

Embrace your home office.

If animation and motion graphics are too much right now, embrace your home-office and begin to create content with what you have. I can think of three ways that you can accomplish this:

First, you can work with a creator to help you in setting up, filming, and editing - from a distance of course.

Second, you can learn the basics and begin to do-it-yourself. Check out my article 10 Video Marketing Resources for Beginners. These resources will give you everything you need to get started.

Third, you can go live and not worry too much about editing and graphics.

You made it! I know it's challenging times, but these are just some ideas to help strengthen your businesses and help your customers during this time.

Reach out if you need help. Let's connect and inspire action together.

I wish everyone good health.


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