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10 Video Marketing Resources for Beginners

As in-person sales and communication have slowed, or all-together disappeared, more businesses are turning to digital marketing. Video marketing isn’t new, but it has become more essential than ever if you want to help your customers find you and connect with you online. Hiring a video marketer, or a video coach, may not be an option for some businesses. This is why I put together a list of my favorite resources that will help you create video marketing content on your own. It doesn’t matter what skill level you're at, you will find resources that will be valuable for you. These resources will help you learn how to develop your strategy, how to shoot and edit your video, and how to distribute your videos online. Let’s dive in!



Hands down, I love Wistia the most.

Next to Brightcove, they were one of the first on the scene to provide video hosting services with businesses' needs in mind. I fell in love with their product and service because I really felt they were committed to making business more human - that really connected with my own personal values as a creator.

Their commitment shines throughout their whole website, but most importantly in their resources. They have been making video accessible to every level of video creator and business since I started in like 2008.

  • The Wistia Guide to Video Marketing is an easy to access online guide to get you started. Unlike the other guides I mentioned, there’s no need to give away your email, and each section connects to more detailed blog posts and resources.

  • Their Learning Centre is meant to take you from that shy beginner to a seasoned pro. They publish production, marketing, and sales tips regularly.

  • Their documentary web series - “One, Ten, One Hundred,” is a super fun and informative behind the scenes exploration in creating a video with completely different budgets.

  • They also have a marketing talk show, the “Brandwagon.”

 Vidyard - 10 Video Marketing Resources for beginners


Vidyard is another video hosting solution for businesses, and they’re an integrated feature with Hubspot video.

They also boast an invaluable resource hub that includes the following:

  • A Video Marketing Guide that will help you integrate video into your organization’s marketing strategy. This guide also has a downloadable video marketing bundle that includes a budget template, a video brief template, and a strategy workbook.

  • A Video for Sales Guide that will help you use video to close the deal.

  • A Video Production Guide - that will get you started with everything you need to know to produce solid video content for your business.

  • An Inspiration Hub meant to, well, inspire you with how other organizations are using video.

Hubspot - 10 Video Marketing Resources for beginners


With their Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing and their Academy of courses and certifications, they will help you become a growth hacking, content marketing, and sales machine. Their blogs will also provide you with marketing insights, ideas, and inspiration.


Wipster is like Slack for video creators. Their application allows for seamless project management, communication, and review. If you are a video creator, they are on your side and they want to help you succeed.

  • They have a blog, which covers a host of video production tips, but more importantly, they also cover video marketing strategies and ideas.

  • They have a Vlog called The Daily Wip, where they take you behind the scenes, meet with innovators, and show you how every company can be a media company.

  • Finally, they have combined forces with Hubspot Academy to provide you with a Video Marketing Checklist.


I think Brightcove was one of the first online video hosting and broadcast platforms with business solutions in mind. They launched in 2004, a year before Youtube!

Their website also offers an array of blog content to help you use video in your digital marketing strategies. More importantly, they also have an in-depth "Guide to Video Marketing" worth checking out too. Viewer beware though, you will need to give them your email to access this guide, but it’s worth it.

Lynda is the best online resource for learning video production and editing. There are thousands of videos that will guide you through the process and give you the skills to shoot and edit your video marketing content.

Quick tip - most large public libraries offer a free account. Check that out before paying.

Sunny Lenarduzzi

I cannot recommend her enough. She will help you be your own boss with video and marketing tips and courses. Her Youtube channel and Podcast are a great place to start your journey.

Todd Hartley

Follow Todd Hartley's Video Marketing Mastery podcast to learn "strategies, tips, and tricks that will help your business build an audience, generate leads, and close the deal.

Tubular Insights

From leaderboards to guides and strategy insights from top-performing video campaigns, the team here will help you learn from the best.

Base Two Media

This is a Canadian video production company that is killing it with video production and marketing resources.

I would love to see these resources help you as much as they’ve helped me over the years. If you know of any resources not mentioned in this post, please leave a comment with a link. Don't keep it yourself!

If you have any questions or need help creating video content, let’s connect and inspire action together.


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