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The Heart: Where Your Story Begins

What is at the heart of your business? What is at the heart of every business, organization, and community for that matter? People! People shape the heart of our communities.

People are the creators and the artists. They are the dreamers and the sight-seers, the friends and the lovers, the fathers and the mothers, the fisherman and the musician, the politician and the voter, the business owner and the customer. Well, you get my point.

People are the heart!

I have come to really believe that the distance between people is made shorter through the sharing of story. This is how you get to know and trust some one: you share time, food, maybe a beer, and some stories. I really think this applies to businesses, communities, and organizations as well, because they are all made up of people.

The team over @stillmotion wrote that,

"as humans, we're hardwired to use story as a way of connecting, growing, and understanding the world...and as we hear a story, we can imagine what we might do, or apply it to how it might matter to us."

Here is my point: Because story is essential and meaningful to people, and people shape the heart of our businesses and communities, then story should shape our communication.

For me, this is exactly what video production is about. It's not about well composed and epic shots, being creative, or even getting paid. Those are exciting perks, but not the heart of what drives me.

What I am passionate about is people, and helping entrepreneurs, artists, leaders, and communities share their stories. This is a good place to start.

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