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What Is Video Marketing? 3 Resources to Get You Started!

Video marketing, according to Brightcove, refers to any campaign in which "video is the medium through which ideas are conveyed." Well, there you have it, end of class. Right?

Sort of. Video marketing has grown into a powerful tool for marketers and businesses to take their brand stories, and imbue them with personality and creativity throughout their customers journey.

Although video content requires more investment and planning from your team, and/or possibly growing your team, it is worth the effort. Marketers have discovered that video content has increased their organic traffic from search engines by 157%, increased the time spent on their website by 105%, and doubled their overall conversions.

Video has come along way over the years, and with Facebook and Twitter joining the fray, and the technology for both creating and consuming video becoming more accessible, it will only get more interesting in the years to come.

Now is the best time to start using video, in small and big ways. I also think that there are more rewards with video marketing than traffic and revenue. But, I'll save that for another article. Here are 3 really helpful resources to get you started with video marketing in 2016. Or, whenever you decided to read this article, I hope it helps in your journey.


Don't let it's size (107 pages) intimidate you. One thing I like about Vidyard is their ability to take technical stuff and make it personal and accessible. Vidyard is a leading video marketing platform, and they are deeply in vested in helping you maximize the benefits of video.

The book is broken up into 4 key sections: (1) Video: The Story Telling Format to Rule Them All, (2) Production, (3) Strategy & Optimization, (4) Performance. This book's greatest strength lies in it's use of testimonials and example's from their own client's efforts, ever remind us that a "successful" campaign can be accomplished regardless of the budget and the videos going viral. The book's second big take away is it's helpful templates such as their "In-House Process Checklist," and articles such as "In-House vs. Production House (Your Questions Answered)." It's for these reasons that this book is at the top of my list, especially for those who are exploring for the first time the world of video marketing.


This is a smaller book with 26 pages in total. What is lacks in size it makes up for in helpful information and solutions. Brightcove is another leading video marketing platform that is also invested in your learning, but they have a number of solutions beyond their marketing platform and cloud, such as Lift ( this app fights against Ad Blockers) and Once (Monetization and targeted ads). Pretty Intense stuff if your interested.

Back to the book. The book is broken up into 3 sections: (1) What is Video Marketing, (2) Why Video Marketing is Vital to the Customer Lifecycle, and (3) How to Use Video Marketing.

The books big takeaway is connecting the why and the how, ever reminding you about the strength of video throughout the customer lifecycle. Another great help is their tips for effectively using video, from SEO to Brand Alignment strategies.


I love Wistia, and their library will be incredibly helpful to you throughout your video marketing journey. Their library is a testament to video marketing, and is basically a media center to learn all you need to learn, through video of course, about video marketing and production. I do not know what else to say, just check it out.

Know of any other great resources?

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