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Why Does Video Matter to Your Business?


With a quick Google search, you can find no shortage of data, articles, or videos telling you that video is awesome. From the latest statistics in video consumption and use in marketing, to the science of our hard-wired human response to other faces and voices.


But I want to narrow down the top 3 reasons why video marketing matters to your business.


Here they are:


#3 - With video content You Are More Likely To Be Seen And Heard.


Stats are always improving and changing, but what all this is means is that today’s internet is built on video, and more people are choosing to consume video regularly. And if businesses want to be seen and heard they will need to invest in video content to be where their audiences is and in a format that they prefer to consume.


Check out the the Stats

  1. Video traffic will be 82% of all consumer traffic by 2021.

  2. In a recent study, most respondents replied that they watch 1.5 hours of video a day, while 15% stated they watched more than 3 hours a day.

  3. 76% of businesses that are using video are seeing an increase in traffic as a result.


Rollo Wenlock, the CEO of Wipster wrote this about video content for businesses:


“Because that’s all people want. When you look at the rise of video playback on Facebook, it’s already outstripped Youtube, the engagement is way higher and it’s all video. You need it, and you need a lot of it.”


#2 - With video content you are more likely to be found:


Using video content strategically on Youtube, across social platforms, and on your website will help you rank highly in searches, increase domain authority by driving longer engagement on your site, and allow your audience to become brand ambassadors. What’s not to love about video content.


Check out the the Stats

  1. Youtube is second largest search engine with more than 500 million hours of video watched daily and 3 billion searches per month.

  2. Videos are not only easy to share, but if your audience enjoys the content they are 83% of consumers would consider sharing it.

  3. People will spend 2.6x more time on a page with video compared to pages without video.


Video has become really important to the health and discoverability of your website.



#1 - Video content will save you time and money


The one thing we can’t have more of is time. I think that the biggest return on investment when it comes to video is that while you and your team can only work from one location at a time for a limited time, video content is working for you globally, 24/7. I don’t think any company could afford the kind of staff needed to reach and serve that many people personally.


Check out the the Stats

  1. 72% of people would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

  2. 81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video.

  3. 76% of marketers surveyed say it video has helped them increase sales.


The Benefit to the customer is that they have a rich on-demand experience with your business throughout their customer journey.


Jenny, from Wistia sums up why video marketing matters:


"Video marketing has become more than a catch-all phrase for brands using video. In fact, video is an integral part of any effective marketing strategy. It has the ability to bring together a brand and an audience by adding a human touch to an otherwise static two-dimensional online presence. Video encourages action and creates an emotional connection unlike any other medium, but a video's hard work doesn't end there."


Thanks for reading. I hope this was helpful, so don’t forget to subscribe, follow, like, share, or just get in contact.


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Why Does Video Matter to Your Business?

September 17, 2018

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