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Video Marketing Weekly | Issue #2

Video Marketing Weekly is a curated playlist of video production and marketing content to help you discover new possibilities, hone your craft, and share your story.

For those living in Vancouver, or visiting during the month of December, the Unleash Your Inner Storyteller workshop will be in Vancouver. If you're interested in learning how to tell emotionally engaging stories for businesses, and up your video production game from seasoned filmmaker Adam Forgione, then I recommend registering.

Also coming up are some Brightcove online workshops on using their platform. Brightcove is an amazing online video platform for brands and media companies that want to go beyond YouTube and share their story across devices. If you cannot take their courses, I recommend subscribing to their blog at least. They provide tons of great resources for beginning your video marketing journey.

With Black Friday going on, there are tons of deals to tack advantage of. Here is a list I have found for you, and if you got some noteworthy deals, not on this list worth sharing, please do!

  • Planet5D has a large curated list of amazing deals. Remember to use their links and support their amazing blog!

  • The Beat also has a curated list of video production and filmmaking gear. The difference with this list is that it is only their favorites, and not any exclusive discounts through them, or in support of them. That I know of.

  • Adobe Press is offering up to 55%. This is a great deal because their textbooks can be expensive, but they are amazing resources. So, if you're wanting to learn a new program from adobe, I recommend checking out the store.

  • KEH Camera, which is a store for buying and selling used gear, has some amazing deals. On top of free shipping, use the promo code BLACKFRIDAY and get 20% on cameras, 30% lenses, and 50% accessories.

  • Filmsupply, which is an amazing place to license cinematic quality stock footage, is offering 15% off this Black Friday. Just use the promo code: WINTER15.

  • Adobe is getting in on the action with Black Friday discounts and coupons. Check it out!

  • Studio Daily has provided a nice list of software deals!

This is my gift to you, but I recommend checking out these other amazing stores if you haven't already: B&H Photo, Adorama, Sweetwater, Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, BuyDig, Borrow Lenses.

On to some great articles this week!


Did you know that the most successful video content for marketers has been customer testimonials! It is also the most challenging to craft. Don't let the title deceive you, this article is actually about video marketing challenges, important strategies, budget, and it's growing effectiveness. It is is also a great introduction to The Benchmarks for Video Marketing Victory. Vidyard and Ascend2 collaborated on a global survey of hundred of top-performing marketers to create this report for us. Yeah!


This is article is a great reminder for seasoned professionals and beginners just starting their video marketing journey. If you don't have the budget to hire, and you got to make your own, get out there and learn.


"For today's marketers, it's all about bringing their brand's storytelling across devices, and video is their most powerful tool." This is something we need to be conscious of as we craft our stories, especially videos. Not only are people on different social platforms for different reasons, but also devices as well. Understanding those reasons can help us craft our stories just right.


New YouTube Translation Tools Boost International Video Marketing

Here are two articles from ReelSeo and YouTube Creator to get you started on YouTube's translation tools, which allow you to translate your video description and titles so that your content can be found in your viewers own language. The goal is to have high quality captions and translations that "can really help open up your content for a wider, more engaged audience." You can also go straight over to Google Support here.


This edition caught my attention this week with an article on the lessons that Dennis Perkins had learned from the death of the video store industry. I grew up at the tail end of the life of the video store. I remember it fondly, and mourned its sudden absence in my own life too. I latter learned it had passed away and wasn't even invited to the funeral. There are also some critical discussions on Marvel and Netflix's latest love child, "Jessica Jones," as the series deals with some heavy topics such as consent.

“I believe that editing is a craft and it can be learned, and the only way you can learn it is by doing it.”

If you are really into video production and editing, you will enjoy these two articles from Creative Cow and Filmmaker Magazine, as they discuss with Alan Edward Bell his experience on Editing The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. “As an editor, what I’m striving to do is to get you to feel something.”


Here are some videos I though you might like:

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