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Video Marketing Weekly | Issue #6

Video Marketing Weekly is a curated playlist of video production and marketing content to help you discover new possibilities, hone your craft, and share your story.


​"[Story] is the most effective means of connecting people to your message."

~Patrick Moreau, Stillmotion

Storytelling for this non-profit increased their income by 36% and helped them reach their financial goals sooner than they expected. I wrote an article last week on the importance of authenticity in marketing, and how video marketing and storytelling can elevate those qualities in your organization.

This is an example not only of the power of story to build trust, connection, and communication with our audience, but when those stories are authentic, the results are greater than if you were to simply state statistics and facts. There's some research on that very topic worth checking out: "The Importance of Storytelling over Statistics. A Powerful Research Study."

The reason is simple. "Story is a structured way of communicating." I recommend reading "The Storytelling Animal" for a helpful discussion on the neurological and psychological origins and effects of stories. It is pretty fascinating.


​"Ready to maximize the reach of your video content? Here are the ideal video lengths, specs, voice, and style for Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo."

~Jourdan Aldredge, Premium Beat

The internet, along with all its social media glory, has allowed us to distribute our work and content to more people like never before.

The downside is that each platform has different ideal specs, lengths, and voice - not to mention the audience - that you need to account for.

You will want to keep this, and other articles, as references when you are building out your content. Keep in mind that these are the most popular platforms today for hosting and uploading video content. So, keep in mind what your video marketing platform requires as well.


Getting Started with Live Streaming Part 1 & Part 2

​"Because today, people want to feel like they’re a part of something, they have a fear of missing out (i.e. FOMO). Not only that, but they’re also dying for content that’s authentic, something less fabricated than a meticulously planned out video set."

~Kimbe MacMaster, Vidyard

Live streaming is a great way to give your employees, customers, and prospects authentic and in-the-moment content. Better yet, it can really maximize a conference or live event by engaging more people online in real-time.

These two articles will get you started thinking about the strategy and equipment needed to pull it off, but I have also provided other resources to help you dig deeper and connect you with a local friend and expert in live streaming, Shawn Lam. This guy is not only good at what he does but is more than willing to provide some pointers and help you on your way. Just come out to one of our BC Professional Videographer Association meetings.

How to Choose Video Converters and Scalers for Live 4K and HD Production


​"Video speaks most naturally to the way we prefer to communicate and learn — using sound, sights, and motion."

~Shannon K. Murphy, Brightcove

We need to recognize video for what it is, an amazing communication tool. It would be limited to just use its strengths as a marketing tool - for external use only. So why not use it for internal uses, like rally your forces, education, and keeping your employees engaged,


​"From news corporations to fashion and beauty brands -- social marketers that are harnessing raw, un-staged, accessible video are experiencing more engagement and interaction with Facebook users than ever before."

~Ayodeji Onibalusi, Entrepreneur

The title is not entirely accurate. It should say, "excel at Facebook live." Semantics really. It's great to learn from others, so whatever your doing for video marketing, there should be good to take away for everyone here.


Some Reel Content, Enjoy

If anyone is doing an awesome job it's Under Armour, check out this article.

I'm sure everyone in the world has seen this already, but I think it is great video marketing content. The CEO stuck to his guns and the video did what good videos do - increased his sales by 600%. Check out this article for more of the story.


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