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Video Marketing Weekly | Issue #7

Video Marketing Weekly is a curated playlist of video production and marketing content to help you discover new possibilities, hone your craft, and share your story.


​"Your job is to show your customer how your product makes him the hero of his story"

Talking heads are pretty easy, and can be good on the budget, but it is not as engaging as a story. Case studies are a unique opportunity to tell your customer's stories. Now, why would that be important? Well, like the quote above, it's your "customer, not the brand" that's the hero of the story."

This article covers planning and filming a case study story, so here are other resources that cover why and how you should begin to approach marketing in a customer-centered way. Coming from psychology, I use the phrase person-centered over product/profit-centered. Regardless, "if you want potential customers to care about you, you have to show you care about them first."


​"If you’re a marketer, you have to stay on top of the best and most innovative movements and technologies that are taking over and reshaping the industry. Video fits that bill perfectly."

~Emily Ross, Vidyard

The video marketing summit is in San Francisco, which might be far for some, but worth it if you can make. It is designed to help you "learn the latest and best video marketing trends and strategies."

Check it out for more details on the speakers and topics. If you register early, you can save yourself $150.00 USD.

Since 2014, Vidyard has been hosting video centered conferences each year. Last year's theme was out-of-this-world video marketing inspiration and strategies, hence the name, "Space Camp." This year though, they are taking on a more down to earth theme, and offering a "world of different perspectives and ideas on video marketing."


​"’s important to understand your audience: how they think, the answers they seek, and the path they tend to take to find a solution. From that research, you can begin crafting a documented content strategy that maps your content to the various stages of the buyer's journey."

~Andrew Raso, Hubspot

This is a great article that will help give strategies and ideas for content throughout your buyer's journey. Having a video professional that understands this, and can collaborate with you and your team, will go along way in helping you take advantage of the strengths of video.

Don't forget to download their mapping template:)!


​"Use video to get more leads! Because, let’s face it: video is killing it."

~Kimbe MacMaster, Hubspot

This is a downloadable slide share that introduces you to the various ways you can use a call to action within Vidyard's platform. Even if you are not a Vidyard user, there are examples and benefits to gain. Wistia has a similar guide as well.


​"At its core, filmmaking is the art of manipulating image and sound for the purpose of telling a story."

~Robert Hardy, No Film School

This is an amazing course and community to be a part of. They will definitely help you begin to think about the story methodically and practically whether your writing content or filming it.

This is the single best course I have taken. As much as I dreamed of film school in my early twenties, I could never afford it. Patrick, the guy who started this course and the company Stillmotion behind it, had a similar experience. His story has inspired me to discover, craft, and share with others.


Some Content, Enjoy!


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