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Video Marketing Weekly | Issue #10

Video Marketing Weekly is a curated playlist of video production and marketing content to help you discover new possibilities, hone your craft, and share your story.


​"Sometimes the issue isn’t in the video or delivery, but in what happens next — such as having a poor conversion page or another issue with the website or call-to-action. Only by defining objectives and measuring them can companies improve their understanding of video marketing and its results."

~Matt Castle,

The best part about video marketing, and all the tools available to businesses and marketers, is the ability to evaluate your content and learn about your customer's needs from the data. That is exactly what Jon Spenceley at Vidyard does in this article. I have also provided some great articles for measuring your video's ROI and video marketing metrics.


​"If you consider the unique pain points and experiences of those around you, you're better able to devise creative, applicable solutions to their problems."

~Karla Cook, Hub Spot

This is a good one not only for the creative professionals out there, but any business that wants to help their customers. Empathy in the creative process is "centered around asking the right questions prior to writing the initial brief, the three-pronged process aims to help the agency develop a deep understanding of what a client wants to solve for or accomplish."


​"...your audience cares about who you are as a business? Showing “behind-the-scenes” is another way to give them a real picture of who you are and where their purchase is coming from."

~Kimbe MacMaster, Vidyard

This is a sequel to the article I shared last week: 17 reasons why small businesses need video. Kimbe MacMaster at Vidyard provides some ideas that are a great place to start and are easy on the budget.


​"Whether you’re a video producer fielding more and more content requests from your social team, or a social media manager who’s ready to take the plunge and invest in video, it’s important that you have a clear video marketing strategy in place."

~Sprout Social

Did I tell you that I love guides:). Well, here is another one from Sprout Social and Wistia to read and keep as a helpful reference as you craft those awesome video marketing projects for clients. Enjoy!


​"...turning your most passionate customers into your most ardent advocates is the real key to success."

~Jon Spenceley, Vidyard

I really agree with this guy that the best use of video is to put real people in front of your audience. And the best people to put in front of your audience is the audience, especially if it will help them understand how your product or services will benefit them.



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