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Video Marketing Weekly | Issue #11

Video Marketing Weekly is a curated playlist of video production and marketing content to help you discover new possibilities, hone your craft, and share your story.


"Some people wrongly believe that video marketing is a silver bullet. Video marketing won't automatically get attention for your business, and you're never going to succeed just because you happen to have a video online."

~AJ Agrawal,

I think a better analogy would have been the "Golden Gun." The perfect weapon. No matter where you hit your target, they are instantly killed. At least in the games. I think this sums up the mythical power of video. The power is believed to be in the gun, when in fact, it is in the skill of its user "Scaramanga," who never misses.


"Your priority isn't video views, it's about bringing in results to impress your leaders, generate leads, build pipeline and help close deals."

~Brendan McCrann, Vidyard

On the heels of doubling your video marketing success, maybe you can triple it with these 4 strategies. I mean, it couldn't hurt.

I think that the 1st strategy, "Map your video content to your buyer journey and buyer personas," is the most important. It really goes a long way to helping your customer do their research by providing the right information at the right time, at the same time build trust.


"There is no other medium that let's you communicate as quickly, efficiently, and personally"

~Nathan Veer, Brightcove

The first step here is "overcoming the idea that video has to be complicated, expensive, difficult, or fancy." That's a tough one for a perfectionist, and overachiever, like my self, but it is essential to begin to use video in a personal way that is part of a conversation with your customers.


"Content marketing initiatives lose steam (or may fail entirely) because the acquisition channels necessary for distribution are not nurtured alongside the content development process."

~Derek Edmond, KOMARKETING

I'm not going to give away any secrets here, but I think that video marketing is an extension of content marketing, and so this article is worth a read. Warning - this article is not short.


"Try customizing your player to better fit with your own brand and design. By doing so, you can create a polished first impression that will in a higher play rate."

~Ezra Fishman, Wistia

This is an interesting, but not definitive, study of 60,000 or so videos on Wistia. Apparently red is perceived as exciting, dynamic, and passionate. I did not even consider color & emotion when I drafted my brand colors (shh. don't tell anyone I told you that). I based it on how it made me feel, and they are my favorite colors. Also, black and red are common colors in the medicine wheel and other first nation art.


I recommend watching Echo Stories. They are what interested me in the first place.


I personally hate Ikea for this ad. Brought me to tears:).


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