Video is an incredibly valuable tool, as it enables strong brand storytelling in a way that is accessible, shareable, and measurable.

But video is still an investment with time and money,

and many businesses don’t know where to start.


This is where our video marketing services are

very different from video production services.


Video production is about aligning the message, image, and emotion. 


Video marketing is about aligning the video production process with

your sales and marketing needs.


This means that our video marketing services are designed to help solve real problems

and bring long-term strategic value to you and your customers. 


Check out our article 5 problems that video will help you solve to learn more.


Whether you're a small business that needs helping to create ads and content,

or you want to produce 100 videos a year, we’ll be there

to help you discover, craft, and share.


If you have any questions, let’s connect and inspire action together.


Most people think that creating is the most important part of content creation. This is a half-truth because it can be the most expensive and challenging part. But, having a clear starting point, and a destination will make for a journey that meets your marketing goals, and content that will help your audience.

We want to learn as much as possible about you and your brand, and put together into an actionable plan that reflects your brand story, and marketing goals.

Our approach is to learn, explore, and dig deep. Only after this process of discovery will we have the knowledge and relationship required to concept and craft the story and content.


To tell moving stories, and create content your audience will enjoy, I believe you need to fully understand the story and the brand.



Our pre-production is all about laying the foundations for creating and distributing your strategy - storyboards, scripts, and logistics are worked out during this stage.

Our services will help you align your message with the right visuals and sound.


Action! Everything has been planned, prepped, and scheduled. We are ready for action.

There are many ways you can slice a pie. In fact, there are many ways you can make one too. Video content and storytelling is like that as well. 

Maybe our monthly packages don't meet your needs cause you have several kinds of events and projects you want to accomplish this year. 

Maybe, a campaign of yours needs different types of video content throughout your customer's journey.


Whatever it is, we can help. We will walk with you throughout the process, and make something work for you, your customers, and your budget. 



Media Asset Management is the ability to “administer, organize, and distribute media files” so that each member of your team has access to the media they need to create and communicate.​

Mostly tedious, but an absolutely important part of the content creation workflow, especially video and photo. 

As you scale and create more content each year, you need to store that content effectively so that assets can quickly found for future posts, and backed up properly.

Video Editing

This is where the magic happens, and we put all the pieces together.

Whether we're editing one video, or 100s of videos a year for your campaigns, stories, and online education, we'll craft them for the needs of each project and distribution platform.

Speaking of distribution platforms, we understand that to provide a better return on investment for our clients, we ensure that the videos we craft are formatted for as many platforms as possible.



Drafts have been approved and formatted for each distribution channel. 

We know that there's more to video than the videos themselves, so we ensure that each video includes closed captioning, thumbnails, metadata, and copy we decided on in our strategy.

We are now ready to publish.


Publishing is more than hitting send.


We want to make sure that our posts are scheduled correctly, the best descriptions and metadata are used, along with the right tags, callouts, and keywords.

Many companies have dedicated staff that publishes, distributes, and monitors their online platforms. But many do not.


Our distribution services will take care of these tasks for you and ensure your videos are looking good and working for you. 



A common mistake in many video marketing campaigns is either looking at the wrong metrics or not keep track at all.

Our goal is to keep an eye on what is happening under the hood of your video content and learn from the data.

How are your videos performing, and what can we do to improve and grow?