Events are an important strategy to help your business grow your leads and sales, create affinity, establish credibility and thought leadership, and build relationships.

So why let them go to waste!


Let your event continue to work for you with video content.


Events are challenging, stressful, and incredibly rewarding.


Events are fun and rewarding but they’re short-lived. With video content,

an event lives on indefinitely and increases your return on investment.


Not to mention, advertise for your next event!

Not every event and opportunity can fit into either of these packages,

so we also offer a completely custom quote. 


For example, with our help, The Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyor’s

over a single weekend created enough content for their social media

and website to last them for more than a year.


We interviewed their special guests such as David Suzuki and John Montgomery.

I mean, when are you ever going to have an opportunity like that again.


We filmed and edited many of their educational talks to be broadcast on their website.

We also created trailers, commercials, and valuable clips to help them grow their industry influence.


The event was big, and of course a large investment for them,

but through video content, they were able to maximize their

return on investment for the long term.

Event Video Packages


Want to take your event far and relax at the same time? This package will not only cover your event but help you build hype before the event and keep that excitement going afterward.

Here's what we'll accomplish:

  1. 1x camera operator connects to projection, facing the stage.

  2. 1x camera operator roaming.

  3. 1x Highlight Video

  4. 2x Short Social Videos

  5. 1x Ad for event





Take your event to the next level
and help everyone experience your
event before, during, and after.

Here's what we'll accomplish each:

  1. Live video switching to projection.

  2. 2x camera operators.

  3. 1x Director.

  4. Set-up & rehearsal.

  5. 1x Highlight Video.

  6. 2x Short Social Videos.

  7. 1x Ad for event.

  8. Full-length video of the show.

Contact for pricing.


You have nothing to lose as the whole world is waiting to experience your event. 


Increase the number of people able
to attend and the number of tickets that
can be sold through live streaming.

Here's what we'll accomplish:

  1. Live video switching to projection.

  2. Live streaming/broadcast.

  3. 2x camera operators.

  4. 1x Director.

  5. Set-up & rehearsal.

  6. 1x Highlight Video.

  7. 2x Short Social Videos.

  8. 1x Ad for the event.

  9. Full-length video of the show.

Contact for pricing.