The change makers is a web series that seeks to share the stories, and celebrate the people, who are making a difference in their communities, families, and industry. So, we partnered with Surrey604 to discover, craft, and share these stories with our community.


Through the stories we share, we want to inspire and show people that no matter how small or great the change is, it is possible. All that is needed to make a difference in the world, and our communities, is one person, one action, one moment at a time.

We want these stories to give a voice to organizations and people who do not have the means to reach a large audience and share their story through impactful video content. These stories will help to raise awareness on important topics in our communities in a meaningful way.


We are passionate about people and story. We believe that “the shortest distance between two people is a story” (Muse Storytell­ing).


Because of stories ability to connect people, however different, we believe that stories are also an agency of change. Stories "clothe truths by not getting in the way of truth. They get around our natural resistance to being sold by not pushing beliefs. Rather, they stimulate and resonate by inviting" us to empathize and participate.


There are so many ways to become a change maker . All it takes is one person, one action, one moment at a time to start making a difference.


You can start by doing something caring for yourself and the people around you.


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