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Video Marketing Weekly | Issue #1

Video Marketing Weekly is a curated playlist of video production and marketing content to help you discover new possibilities, hone your craft, and share your story.


Inspiration Lab for Creators


Here are some noteworthy deals I have found for you:

  • Rampant Design is offering up 60%- 80% off individual products and bundles.

Rampant design is all about creating style effects to enhance your video content. I have used some of their bundles and really recommend taking a look.

  • RocketStock is offering 30% off their Affter Effects templates

On to some great articles:


"Video isn’t actually a one-size-fits-all medium even though we so often treat it that way. Different people are on different platforms for different reasons and Forrester argues that your content must align with this."



The B2B Online Marketing Blog provides some interesting commentary on the Video Marketing Strategy report released by Ascend2. “Video has to be part of the content strategy. It’s just too valuable, and it’s clearly working for marketers."


Karin Gottschalk at Planet 5D really talks up the capabilities of the GX8. If you love cameras or are looking into a budget camera that can produce amazing stills and video for your business, start looking at this. She also offers a list of recommended reviews for you to check too.


Here are some videos I thought you might like:


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